Minion language

  • In Avatar, the producers have created the Navi language
  • In Star Triek, the producers have created the Klingon language
  • In Despicable Me or the minions, the producers have created the Minion Language

Minion Language Translator here

Is-it a real language ? of course not. Nobody in the world speak the Minion Language.

In fact, the Minion language looks like some other true language, such as French, Enlish, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Indian and other.

For example :

  • Gelato (means icecream in italian)
  • Kanpai (means Cheers in Japanese)
  • Papuche (means pluche in French)

Pierre Coffin who created this language actually plays with our brain, and replaces certain consonants but keeps some vowels so that we understand the word instinctively.

If one day, you met a real Minion, you will need a Minion dictionary to understand the Minion language

Talking Minions can be easy if you have a Minion translator

If you need some Minion text, here some Minion text

If you need a real translator, and improve your Minion Language, use this tool.

Write the word in english, and it will be automatically translated in the Minion Language (hundreds english terms listed)

Minion Language Translator

Word in English : (live) Minion Translation :